The Johnny Glocks Story
THE JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE: THE STORY BEHIND JOHNNY GLOCKS'CUSTOM TRIGGERS From a journey infused with rock and roll to the precise craftsmanship of firearmtriggers, the story of Johnny Glocks is a testament to passion, precision, andperseverance. Here's a deep dive into the evolution...
RECOIL Concealment Magazine #36 2024 Article - 4311 Trigger Feature
Dave Merrill of RECOIL Concealment Magazine featured our latest trigger, the 4311, in the Hands On section of issue 36.  Many aftermarket Glock triggers aren’t advertised for defensive use, not only for reasons of liability but because some of them...
CONCEALMENT Magazine #18 2020 Article - Optimized: Glock 43X

Tom Marshall for CONCEALMENT Magazine went on a mission to build a truly Optimized Glock 43X. They used a trigger kit from Yours Truly (Johnny Glocks) and it did not disappoint! 

We finished off the internals with a trigger kit from Johnny Custom Glocks. Johnny is a true artisan in the field of aftermarket triggers. He only has one product line — Glock triggers. We’ve been a huge fan of these triggers for years now, and the 43X/48 model didn’t disappoint.

RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine Tom Marshall EDC Gear Overhaul - Dec 2019
Tom Marshall of RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine featured our glock trigger work in his EDC (Every-Day Carry) Loadout. Work done on his Gen 3 Glock 19.
RECOIL Magazine Tom Marshall Review of Johnny Custom Glocks Triggers - March 2018
Tom Marshall of RECOIL Magazine wrote a review of our aftermarket Glock trigger work in March 2018.
Guns and Outdoors Channel Review on Johnny Glocks Drop-In Trigger
J Stevens of Guns and Outdoors Channel put together a great review of Johnny Custom Glocks aftermarket triggers for G42, G43, G43X, G48. He was looking to go from a high 5lb pull to low 4lb pull. 
All Outdoor Article on the Johnny Glocks 2019 Comp Trigger
Ron Gunner from All Outdoor reviews the Johnny Glock 2019 new Competition Glock Trigger in this article. He calls the reset on the trigger "Downright Sick!". Read the full review here.
All Outdoor Buyer's Guide Article, 2018
Ron Gunner from All Outdoor recommends our Glock Trigger in his write-up and review. Buy your LAST Glock trigger FIRST with Johnny Glocks Custom Triggers! He goes on to say we make the Best Glock Trigger after-market.
Warrior Works Training review of Johnny Glock's Custom Trigger Kit
Warrior Works Training reviews Johnny Glocks custom trigger kit. Check it out here!
Tactical Toolbox Review - EPIC Glock Trigger from Johnny Glocks

Jonathan from Tactical Toolbox did a review on our Drop-In Trigger. Check it out here!

Let’s look at this EPIC Glock Trigger from my buddy Johnny Glocks.

During my quest to find the Best Glock Trigger, we’ve tested and reviewed quite a few Glock Triggers.

However only a select few triggers have really blown my mind…Johnny Glocks is definitely one of them.

Tactical Toolbox review of the Polymer 80 Glock 19 collab
Tactical Toolbox reviewed an EPIC Polymer 80 Glock 19 featuring Johnny's Trigger work. This was a collaboration with Shootist Tactical and Dave Modz Customs. Check out the video here.
Tactical Toolbox Top 5 Best Glock 19 Upgrade Triggers 2018
Jonathan from Tactical Toolbox featured our Glock trigger in his review of the Top 5 Glock Triggers in 2018. Check out the full video here.
Brian Enos Forum Mention, 2018
An anonymous user on Brian Enos's Forum gave a mention of Johnny's Custom Trigger work. Check out the forum thread here!
Baret Fawbush Drop-In Glock Trigger Review
Baret Fawbush (@Truexodus | youtube channel) included Johnny Glock's Drop-In Trigger in his youtube review. He chose 6 out of 14 triggers to review that passed a certain number of criteria including Trigger Safety, Drop Safety, Trigger bar bird head coming into contact with the plunger safety, and proper striker/cruciform engagement. Check it out in the post.
The Gun Writer TV Custom Glock Triggers Feature
Lee Williams and Mike Young from The Gun Writer TV feature Johnny Glock on their episode. Check it out here!
Glock Talk Forum Mention, 2015
An anonymous user recommended Johnny Glocks trigger on the Glock Talk Forum (The Leading Firearms Forum) regarding a question on a Glock 34 build. 
Chad Harrelson testing out the Johnny Glocks trigger at the range
A customer posted this video of himself testing out his new Johnny Glocks trigger.
Glock Forum Review - 2014
Read the 2014 review of our triggers and customer service by a member at Glock Forum. This member didn't receive any compensation for writing this.
The Shooter's Mindset review of Johnny Custom Glocks
The Shooter's Mindset featured Johnny's gunsmithing work on his youtube channel. We put in a Drop-In trigger kit, along with some springs, plungers, and modifications. We brought his Glock 17 to under a 3 LB trigger.