RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine Tom Marshall EDC Gear Overhaul - Dec 2019

Tom Marshall of RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine featured our glock trigger work in his EDC (Every-Day Carry) Loadout

"One thing I did not change was the trigger. I started out with an amazing trigger from Johnny Custom Glocks, which I have been running exclusively since about 2014. This trigger is so effective for me that I transplanted it from my TMT Glock into the new Sonoran/Southwest hybrid gun. You will notice that the triggers look different. This is because Johnny recently released flat-faced, branded trigger shoes. When it came time to move the trigger into the new gun, I had this shoe added in. But the internals were unaltered in the move — they were perfect (for me) as-is. While a Johnny Glocks trigger is one of the pricier options on the market, it might also be the last Glock trigger you ever have to buy. To us, it is an overwhelmingly worthwhile investment."

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Tan and Black Glock with custom Johnny Glocks Trigger