Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)

Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)

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This is a Glock factory OEM smooth face stock shoe that has been drilled and tapped for pre-travel reduction. The  tapping process is designed so the stainless steel set screw will self seize at it's desired position.  The face of the trigger safety tab has been reduced to lay flush with the shoe face. The frame engagement point of the trigger safety tab has been modified to accommodate the pre-travel reduction. NOTE: this tab modification should not be altered as it is designed to correspond with the drop shelf ensuring the trigger is drop safe.

For G44 order Gen 5 variant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Isidoro Lopez
What a value!

Best $22 I’ve spent in a long time, this is my second one and will be getting more

Robert Laidley
Nice shoe modification

Johnny did a good job in modifying this trigger shoe. A very nice upgrade!

More comfortable than Glock trigger shoe

This shoe is much more comfortable than the original Glock trigger shoe designed with serrations. The reason for 4 stars is the safety pull still has sharp edge that I smoothed out myself with nail file.

Robert Kelley
Trigger Travel

I like the new Trigger Shoe. The trigger shoe has greatly reduced the trigger travel. The Gock 42 is now enjoyable to shot. It is much more accurate with the new trigger shoe. Went from an 11-inch pattern at 50 feet to a 5-inch pattern. The new shoe is much more comfortable than the old stock shoe.

The trigger shoe comes in a little plastic bag. DO NOT THROW THE LITTLE BAGGIE OUT. The instruction for the set screw is stuck on the baggie. The response to an email I sent asking which way to turn the set screw was "It's on the sticker". Good thing I did not empty the trash can. So for the people who get this and toss the baggie, It is clockwise (righty tighty) to decrease trigger travel and counterclockwise (lefty loosey) to increase trigger travel. Remember, to much clockwise will over ride the safety on the trigger. A little bit goes way.

Be sure to watch a video on taking a Glock 42 apart. The disassembly instructions are different from other Glocks. If you use the wrong instructions, you may damage you gun.

Dustin O'Connor
Perfect little upgrade

What a difference this shoe makes without having to tinker with my carry gun. I’m really glad this option is available. It’s a nice inexpensive way to improve your shooting. The 43x trigger shoe safety was tearing up my finger and this helped significantly and also got rid of that mushy slop (pre travel) nice crisp re-set. Overall, night and day difference. I feel like Glock should be doing this from the factory. Thanks Jonny glocks!!

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We take an amazing product and apply thoughtful, precise design choices that make our products the best upgrades in the industry.



Johnny Glocks is THE trigger upgrade. My friends always ask what trigger I’m running when we’re shooting at the range. The performance and reliability is unparalleled, especially after learning the trigger and getting it dialed in.

If I could leave more stars, I would.

Jackson D.

I am extremely happy with my new combat trigger. This was my first installation, but I followed along step by step with Johnny's YouTube tutorial. Had an issue with over travel initially, but it was addressed in the video and instruction card. It ended up being a fairly easy trouble shoot, and taught me how to adjust the trigger myself.

Took it straight to the range after for a test run. Zero malfunctions.

Highly recommend, and I'm sure I'll be picking up another at some point.

Dan M.

I did some rework on my Glock 48 and the trigger felt much better but then I installed the Johnny Glock trigger and it is fantastic! I am only giving them 5 stars because I can't give them 6! I ordered a Glock 19 Gen 4 trigger as well. It was easy and quick to install.

I have tried other products and did some work on my own also. This trigger is a significant improvement over the stock trigger and the work that I did.

Damian C.

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