Glock Talk Forum Mention, 2015

An anonymous user recommended Johnny Glocks trigger on the Glock Talk Forum (The Leading Firearms Forum) regarding a question on a Glock 34 build. 


Here's the initial post on March 10, 2015 by "pew_pew":

I've been debating my next pistol purchase for forever. I'm looking for something more target or competition oriented. I have my SD stuff covered with various glocks. Thought of a 1911/2011 in 45 or 9mm. Great triggers, heavy which I like, but may require work to keep them running right. Also thinking of an SP01 accu shadow. 8-10 week wait time though but a possibility.

So I might build up a 34 with a trigger kit, heavy magwell, sights, striker, and heavy guide rod. What's the best trigger kit out there with over travel adjustment? Better to go with a Ghost connector where there's a tab or better to go with an over travel screw?

I'm going to go to a range tomorrow that has kimber 45s and 9s to rent and an sp01. Might help me narrow it down. My biggest issue with glocks when shooting groups is my front sight wobble because of how light the slide is. With something heavy the front sight stays way more stable and planted.

And the anonymous recommendation by "gonnagetmine" on March 12, 2015:

If you do decide to stick with the 34...
Taran tactical connector kit if you don't want full trigger group.
If you want full kit, Johnny Glocks.
Those are my picks based on my experience.

Read the FULL THREAD here.


gonnagetmine, thanks for the mention!