All Outdoor Buyer's Guide Article, 2018

Posted September 20, 2018, Written by Ron Gunner

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As long as I have known Johnny I can say with 100% certainty that he NEVER stops pushing the envelope and trying to best his own designs and work! Now before someone makes a comment, I am sponsored by Johnny Glocks Custom Triggers, and have been for a couple years. Now the rest of this statement, I did use his triggers for a year or a little more that I purchased just like anyone else would before we talked sponsorship. I wanted to let you the reader know so it’s out there and you know I used his product before along with almost all the other types of Glock aftermarket triggers.

Now he has a few new options including different triggers for the Gen 5 Glocks from carry triggers to competition triggers.  He is working with a polymer flat faced trigger from Overwatch Triggers now to use on his own trigger bars and custom work.

But for the competition line like for my Raceguns in a Gen 3 – 17’s he has a trigger now that is so fast and unbelievably smooth and short to run he is getting 8oz trigger pull weights! That is crazy fast for a Glock pistol! I have called Johnny in the past the Einstein of Glocks and he just keeps proving me right all the time.

What I like about him is when you call, you talk to him. You tell him what you have and what you are looking for and then he will do his questioning with you on the phone. You may find out what you want for a carry pistol is not the best thing, you should NEVER put a super short and fast 8oz trigger in a carry gun, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. He will get you in the right direction and then be able to build you the BEST GLOCK TRIGGER out there himself, and again he uses STOCK GLOCK PARTS unless you want a flat faced trigger.

Give Johnny a call at: 941-376-4383 and like I also say, Buy your LAST Glock trigger FIRST with Johnny Glocks Custom Triggers! Oh and he also does frame work!

Tell him Ron Gunner sent you!

By the way, it’s not just me telling you how good Johnny is, here is an article that was done by RECOIL on his triggers!

Enjoy, call Johnny and stay safe!

Ron Gunner
Started as a firearms instructor in 1986, sponsored pro shooter, teaches CC classes, advanced pistol and shotgun tactics, teaches reloading classes, does seminars, radio shows and in-store promotions for the sponsors.
Thanks Ron for the write-up!