Tactical Toolbox Top 5 Best Glock 19 Upgrade Triggers 2018

 Posted April 1, 2018

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Let's look at my TOP 5 BEST Glock 19 Upgrade Triggers 2018. There's so many Glock Triggers it'll make your head spin. The Glock Triggers we're going to compare is as follows:

  1. Tactical Trigger
  2. Arsenal Democracy SWiTCH Glock Trigger
  3. Johnny Glocks Trigger
  4. Agency Arms Glock Trigger
  5. Apex Tactical Glock Trigger

Some highlights from his review:

He's taken an OEM shoe, shaved it so that the trigger tab doesn't protrude into your finger...because with stock glock triggers, that safety tab will dig into your finger, cause a blister, a callus. There's an over-travel stop, a specialized connector, Gen 4 trigger bar in a Gen 3 frame...it's working out really well, reshaped the head of that trigger, upgraded and lightened springs, rounded safety plunger, lightened Trigger feels amazing. Super light reset. It's a nice rolling break. Johnny has ensured that this is drop-safety and reliable, even though it's designed as a competition model. 


Thanks Jonathan from Tactical Toolbox for the feature!