Baret Fawbush Drop-In Glock Trigger Review

Posted June 25, 2017

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OK so here you go! Obviously Im not going to be sharing the best Glock trigger because triggers are a lot like women. We all have our preferences and styles. So to say that one trigger is best it to say "The best color is blue." It's subjective. But I strongly believe that there are triggers that aid the shooter in applying the fundamentals. Let me give you the websites for the triggers reviewed and tell you about the process we went through to safety test and shoot each of these triggers:

  • Deus Ex Machina
  • SSVI Tyr Trigger
  • Hyve Technologies 
  • Johnny Custom Glock Trigger
  • Switch Trigger
  • Tactical Trigger

These are the 6 of the 14 triggers I decided to do a review on. The triggers that didn't make the cut were not apart of the review because they compromised one of or multiple Glock Internal Safeties.

So before I even shot the triggers, myself, along with a certified gunsmith and Glock Armorer, installed each trigger into the same Glock 19 Gen 3. Here's what we tested:

  1. Does the Trigger Safety work? In one trigger, it actually did not. You could depress the trigger without having your finger fully on the trigger. (We have video of this)
  2. Is the trigger bar bird head coming into contact with the plunger safety? We had suspected on some triggers that it had, so dropping the trigger into a cutaway gen 3 glock 19 (but not the same gun) we found that indeed, they were coming into contact with the plunger safety and thus could render it unsafe.
  3. Is it drop safe? After placing each trigger in the gun, we tested it for drop safety, meaning we needed to see if the cruciform was falling off the back of the "shelf" of the drop safety. In some cases, it indeed was. It was interesting to watch, taking a tool, pressing down on the cruciform and watching some trigger cruciform plates "fall off." (We have videos of this)
  4. Was there proper striker/cruciform engagement? Here's where a number of triggers failed because Glock recommends 75%-100% striker/cruciform engagement. Many triggers (We have pictures and videos), were only covering half, or less. In once instance did we believe the engagement was LESS than 50%.

After we determined the pistols were safe to shoot, I replaced the Glock factory springs, shot 250 rounds through each trigger, and did the review. It was a fun and scary undertaking to say the least so I strongly recommend that each person who buys a aftermarket block trigger performs the necessary safety tests and takes the trigger to be installed or to be checked by a professional gunsmith/glock armorer.

I will not discuss nor release any company who's trigger failed. That's not my place. So please do not ask me what triggers I reviewed or which ones failed what. Ultimately if you question your triggers safety, please take it to a gunsmith.


Thanks Baret (@Truexodus) for including our trigger in your review! Check out his youtube channel.