The Gun Writer TV Custom Glock Triggers Feature

Posted January 12, 2017

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On this episode of The Gun Writer TV, co-host Mike Young and I meet the man, the LEGEND — Johnny Schmitt a.k.a. Johnny Glock!

Johnny has some of the slickest triggers I’ve ever seen on a handgun, much less one that is striker fired.

He’s forgotten more about customizing Glocks than most will ever know.

And to be clear, he offers far more than just triggers. He’s a full-service Glocksmith.

I was most taken by the way he arranges a sale. The first thing he does is interview a potential customer about how they intend to use their pistol, and what specifically they’re looking for in a trigger.

Johnny’s sold and installed far too many triggers to count.

They need to be experienced to be believed.

Check them out. 

Enjoy the episode. Mike and I enjoyed making it, and we learned a hell of a lot.


Thanks Lee Williams and Mike for the feature!