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Updated story: the original from 2008 follows after.

These days my story is building truly custom trigger systems that consistently exceed my clients expectations. The systems I build are singly  crafted, calibrated, and configured to the clients specific requests. This is broken down into categories of; amount of  pre-travel, wall feel, break feel, travel & weight, and Reset feel,length & speed. Beyond these categories every aspect that affects the flawless action of these systems is addressed. All lead, corresponding edges, and outcrops are detailed, honed, and polished. The proprietary methods I use refine well into the 30,000grt arena. Along with all the mechanical and functional enhancements my customer service is par excellence!  You will always speak with me directly. I built your trigger system so who better to address anything  pertaining to the trigger system and it's function in your Glock. It only takes a conversation, viewing my you tube content, or reading the reviews and it becomes quite apparent-- I absolutely LOVE what I do and know what I'm doing. I would be honored to build your Glock trigger system or for that matter your entire Glock.

Original story 2008

Simply, I had a vision to improve the action and performance of the Glock trigger system.  The idea was to design an aftermarket trigger system that was versatile and fully adjustable, one that functioned reliably, predictably and safely. The out of box Glock is notorious for it's less than desirable trigger. The action is sloppy, the break is overly resistive, and the reset is lengthy.  So I questioned. Could I refine those short comings within certain parameters to achieve a mechanically flawless, functionally reliable, consistently predictable, and perpetually safe trigger system better than the original? The answer was yes!!! This was the beginning. I wanted to build upon the utilitarian simplicity and remarkable functionality of this pistol.  I then began interviewing with elite special operators, competitive shooters, Police & Law enforcement, instructors & range officers, gun enthusiasts, hunters, and everyday folks just having a day at the range. The information I gathered was sort of a wish and want list, arrived at through hands on experience by real world shooters.  With all things considered I began the arduous task of development. Months later when the smoke settled the task at hand was completed and the Johnny Glocks Johnny Boss Trigger Kit emerged. I sent out 50 tester kits with non disclosure agreements and a criteria checklist with percentage scoring. All participants scored above 96% and still use their Johnny Boss as their primary trigger system. The wide appeal of the kit is due to its custom nature.  I hand work each part that engages and pay close attention to the finest detail.  The included spring kit yields a variety of weight pulls and feel as well as addressing several end users requests from self defense to competition.  I didn’t want to create a trigger system specific to a big industry name. I wanted it to be your trigger adjusted by you to meet your specific needs. It is truly one of a kind.



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Baptized John Schmitt otherwise known as JOHNNY GLOCK  has been disassembling, enhancing, and reassembling, firearms since his childhood as a farm boy in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. He inherited his first Glock in the mid 90’s and has been hooked ever since.

After years of Glocksmithing, trigger jobs, and helping friends fine tune their defensive Glocks he decided to make a  living from his art and expertise. At first more interested in working with the defensive and tactical shooting disciplines he focused on creating consistency and predictability of the Glock trigger system.  This translated flawlessly into the sport shooting arena.  Johnny is a Glock certified advanced Armorer with over two decades of training, instruction, and hands on experience.  He is also an avid bush crafter/ survivalist, and woodshop teacher.  As he often states “it’s all a matter of feel”. Johnny has an uncompromising work ethic, believes in quality workmanship above all, and has a fervent patriotic love of country.  He lives in Sarasota Florida with his wife and their two boys and little girl.