RECOIL Concealment Magazine #36 2024 Article - 4311 Trigger Feature

Dave Merrill of RECOIL Concealment Magazine featured our latest trigger, the 4311, in the Hands On section of issue 36

Many aftermarket Glock triggers aren’t advertised for defensive use, not only for reasons of liability but because some of them subvert internal safety mechanisms in the race for a lighter pull. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not like the G43 is a common competition gun. Johnny Glocks specifically states that the 4311 trigger is for carry, and because of this safety was at the forefront during the design process.

The 4311 isn’t just a trigger bar and connector you mishmash with other parts, it’s a complete system. The 4311 comes with every metal-on-metal part to swap out, including the rear housing, plunger, and striker assembly to ensure safety, consistency, and compatibility.

During the final evaluation of the 4311 more than 10,000 rounds were fired without failure, and drop tests were performed with filled magazines and exceeded 20 feet. Johnny tells us he “wanted to be able to literally drive a tank over it and not discharge.” This is especially important because the 4311 uses a fully tensioned striker for a smoother pull. Well, we don’t have a tank, but we do have a rawhide mallet, and we couldn’t manage to make the striker release without pulling the trigger.

None of this matters if the trigger feels terrible, and fortunately for Johnny Glocks (and you) it’s damned good. The 4311 intentionally has take-up like a factory trigger, allowing you to settle in before a predictable 3.5-pound break. The reset is a scant tenth of an inch, and the pull from reset is just below 3 pounds. Admittedly, some will consider it too light, and you should spend time on the range before putting it in your pants.

Installation is a little different from a normal Glock trigger because the 4311 includes a trigger shoe return spring. It’s not bad, just different, and Johnny Glocks has a detailed installation video. This return spring not only makes for a faster reset but as a bonus also has some utility for dry-fire practice."

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