Glock Clone Timberwolf / Lone Wolf 17L EDUCATIONAL ONLY
Johnny from Johnny Custom Glocks talks about the Timberwolf / Lone Wolf custom builds he offers.
Glock Striker Mod a la Johnny Custom Glocks EDUCATIONAL ONLY
An educational video from Johnny of JOHNNY CUSTOM GLOCKS on how he works the striker lug face in Glock handguns to achieve his super smooth break. Johnny explains, it is the face and not the length that is most important. This is advanced gunsmithing and is for educational purposes only. Do not attempt to do anything on this video!
Glock Prepping your Frame and Slide to Maximize Johnny's Kits
Johnny shows how he prepares your frame and slide to get the most out of the Johnny Custom Glocks kits. There are many areas that could be causing drag and therefore compromising the trigger group. Johnny shows where they are and how he addresses them.
Glock Striker and Sear Engagement EDUCATIONAL ONLY
This is the 2nd half of part 1 on the theory portion of striker to sear engagement in the Glock striker fire system. Part 2 will be the practical portion in which Johnny will demonstrate hands on techniques for intended break feels.
New Glock Connector Geometry Long Version EDUCATIONAL ONLY
A more descriptive video about the new geometry of the Johnny Boss trigger kit system from Johnny Custom Glocks
Glock Striker 2018 EDUCATIONAL ONLY

Johnny from Johnny Custom Glocks shares his 2018 updated striker lug face de tool, reface, and polish.

I'm a professional this video is only for education purposes DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANYTHING ON THIS VIDEO!!!!