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  • PRE-TRAVEL- Minimal as safe
  • WALL FEEL- Defined
  • BREAK FEEL- Quick & Crisp
  • BREAK WEIGHT- 2-3lbs
  • RESET- Short, Fast, & Tactile

Design Intention- This drop-in is a mechanically flawless, functionally reliable, and consistently predictable trigger system for dedicated use in competition only Glocks. The full adjustability allows for compatibility and compliance in all associations and across all divisions. Every aspect and minute detail of this system has been envisioned, scrutinized, developed, and rigorously tested. Functioning optimally with it break weight between 2.5 to 3 lb's this system delivers unsurpassed precision performance in your competition Glock. The geometry was developed using the Glock factory striker with a 4.5 lb striker spring. This achieves a sub 3lb. break weight yet still reliably ignites all primers.  Also this creates a favorable counter tension retaining a positive and responsive  trigger reset action and feel.  The seer is 100% engaged which produces an extremely confident feel when running and gunning even at the lighter break weights. All in all this system exceed the expectations of shooters and smiths. It's architecture is in a league of its own as well as the competitors running it. 

Action Description-  Focus is maximum responsiveness to user input. You are in total control. The assurance of 100% engagement balances out the virtually non-existent pre-travel. Minimal press and SNAP a precise glass rod break feel as the seer cleanly releases the striker. You own this moment every time!  Next a dead stop after the break into a lightning-quick rapid assertive reset. This uncompromising and precise system drives you to push yourself to that place where you and your gun become one. You're welcome 👊


Physical Modifications and Enhancements-Mechanically the trigger bar is smoothed and de-burred of any tooling. Then it is re-edged and re-radiused with a proprietary method consistent for competition application. Several other modifications and enhancements are performed on the trigger bar to maximize the ultra smooth drag free movement of the bar over polymer and metal parts. The trigger shoe and trigger housing's adjustable set screws are 18/10 stainless steel, tip ground, polished, and loctite seized. Also, the trigger housing has several propitiatory enhancements to assure smooth friction free action. The trigger safety tab protrusion is flushed to match the trigger shoe surface reliving trigger finger bite. The connector is reworked, re-edged, and uniquely angled creating all the distinctive traits of this particular systems break feel and reset action. The firing pin safety plunger and reduced power spring is modified and enhanced for smoother disengagement action. All these parts are designed to work in concert and mated specifically to one another to create an extraordinary competition trigger system.

Includes- Full trigger assembly (Glock OEM spec Trigger, Trigger Bar, Trigger Housing & connector) Striker springs 4 & 4.5 lbs, safety plunger w/reduced power, 3 lbs spring, hex wrench, and spring configuration chart. 


STRIKER: Glock OEM factory  w/assembly refaced, de-tooled, stoned, honed, and high polished; lug face surface 30,000 grit 

JG FLAT FACE METAL SHOE: This shoe was specifically designed to function with the Evolution X trigger systems.  Pre-travel is not adjustable however is fixed at the minimum safe distance.                                                                                          

1-3*** day  lead time ***10mm&45ACP 2-4 days current 

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