Evolution X Competition v. Combat



[00:00:10.400] - Johnny Glocks

I've been doing this about twelve years professionally and probably 20 something altogether.

[00:00:19.850] - Johnny Glocks

That experience means something.

[00:00:24.170] - Johnny Glocks

Over all these years I have listened to my customers and taken what they've said under serious consideration. Last year I built two guns, competition guns for the world shoot in Thailand. The one gun Morgan, actually won first place and her father, I believe, won second. Along with that, another thing. Here in the state states, when Team Brazil came for the Pan Am Games, they came down here and I tweaked the triggers and their guns and they swept the podium 1st, second and third.

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So when we talk about the differences of these two, it spawns from people that know way more about their disciplines than I do. All I do is take the information they have and turn it into something that they can use. And over and over and over again you will hear the same things coming up in both of the combat competitions, in both of those disciplines, that when you tie two and two together, if you have the world class best shooters in competition, and if you have the world's finest soldiers in law enforcement telling you this is what they're after and this is what they have found to be the best, that's what you're going to do, you know, so my specialty is building that. Their specialty is living in that world so I can take what they have done with, you know, their, their experience and turn that into a firing system that is specific to that application.

[00:02:24.590] - Johnny Glocks

So with that said, the main difference and where the rubber meets the road, and I think I said this in another video, is with a competition gun. Every time you hear the beep, anytime you presenting that weapon, you will break a shot point blank, period. End of story. Now, the point of contact with the weapon to breaking that shot needs to be as smooth, as uninterrupted as possible. Okay?

[00:02:57.260] - Johnny Glocks

That first shot, especially on a striker fired weapon, you have to have movement. It's just the rules. You can only. I have some video about this too. Like you can only play within the rules of the, of the Glock striker firing system.

[00:03:09.740] - Johnny Glocks

You know, there are limitations on either side, there are compromises on either side. So basically you're trying to push it to the performance enough without compromising it because you have to keep the reliability as well. That's the other piece of the puzzle. Like, that's why it says reliable, predictable, safe. That's just not something I kind of tongue in cheek came up with.

[00:03:31.130] - Johnny Glocks

That's the reality of all these systems with the competition shooters, from acquiring the weapon through the, through punching out, extending and breaking the shot at the very end of the extension, or at least when they're catching the sight. Like I said, we want the smoothest, lightest action you can create for that break as they're punching out, they don't want anything to move those sights. And that's one of them. And I'm just trying to give you the main thing that I've heard over and over.

[00:04:05.360] - Johnny Glocks

That's number one. So minimal pre-travel, they're not worried about the shortest absolute pre-travel. In fact, they have to build that into their draw. So they actually, at extension, crack, you know, if they don't learn their triggers and that's, you know, a lot of guys will get my trigger and just put it in and start blasting, you know, a lot of guys, you can tell the more seasoned guys are going to dry fire for quite a bit. So they actually learn, they learn the cadence, they learn how to work with it, like where they start to go into the guard, what, what that timing looks like.

[00:04:36.770] - Johnny Glocks

Because if there is no wall, there's no predictability per se. It's kind of like a timing thing, like pull pull pull pull snap, you know what I mean? Right when they're ready and I take that shot, as soon as they pull, as soon as that dot is exactly where they want it, that's number one. Number two is the break has to be absolutely pristine. And so when people want to get the combat, I say, this is a situation where you want to pair that with my striker upgrade, because now you have every piece of the puzzle when it comes to metal on metal, because we're trying to, like I said, smooth is smooth is controlled by the metal and metal gliding on each other.

[00:05:14.580] - Johnny Glocks

And the more metal to metal interfaces that I take care of, the more poetic and pristine the break is going to be for a competition shooter. So they just want it to be like a glass snap, like an icicle snap, you know, pieces. Just a. That's the break you're after. And when you see on some of my videos that guys pull the trigger and they get that big crap eat and grin, that's what they're experiencing.

[00:05:37.180] - Johnny Glocks

They're experiencing like, ah, snap. Just like, it'll be the, you know, we should do a video about that. We should, uh, do a compilation of those faces.

[00:05:46.520] - Shooter

Oh, wow. Yeah.

[00:05:48.210] - Shooter

This is the game changer right here. Yeah, yeah. This puts the sinks back on the shelf and gets the glock carried again,

[00:05:53.590] - Johnny Glocks

Because it should be. That's what it should be. It should be an aha moment.

[00:05:55.800] - Johnny Glocks

You should be like, yeah, 100%, you know, along with that. Next, after the break. You have, you know, glocks over traveling. You know, you'll break past the wall and they kind of go like that. And this is kind of where the competition and the combat meet up.

[00:06:10.270] - Johnny Glocks

You know, it's that front end where they're different. So the competition, the combat as far as reset, as far as over-travel and reset, they're equal. Because on any, either one of those disciplines, the key is speed. The key is your follow up shots. You want to get them off quicker.

[00:06:26.050] - Johnny Glocks

You know, if it goes click and not bang, you're in a box, you know, and that's, I don't have to speak about what a big deal that is. That speaks for itself. Same thing with the resets. We need those resets to be not only short, but they need to be aggressive. And that's where a lot of people kind of don't.

[00:06:53.420] - Johnny Glocks

They haven't caught on, you know what I mean? Like they'll sacrifice a light break for a sluggish reset. And that's exactly the thing you don't want to do because, and this is, like I said, this is me. I'm not a competition shooter. I train like more like a gunfighting style, you know, but the competition shooters that are world class and that are international and national champions tell me these things and I build these triggers.

[00:07:19.730] - Johnny Glocks

So that's with the competition. It's the same thing with the combat. You know, once the shot breaks, you want to be back on that. You want to be back. You want that reset to be as aggressive and as short as possible because a lot of weird things happen under stress.

[00:07:35.210] - Johnny Glocks

So competition has one set of stress. Defensive shooting (Combat), when you're for your life, has another type of stress. And studying what stress does and adrenaline and all those kind of things because that's where another part of my background comes in, like understanding proprioception, neuromuscular facilitation, all these things, what muscles are being used, how freezing in one area of the body is going to cause a stall. And, you know, there's a lot of guys out there that are teaching, shooting now from a sports science point of view, which I think is awesome because that's verifiable metrics, that's data that they have that shows them, okay, this is what happens physiologically when you are in a fight flight situation. That's why a lot of guys that have these light triggers that want to use a competition in a defensive situation to pull that trigger 

[00:08:25.740] - Johnny Glocks

Bam. You just, you go right through the wall because that's how it's designed to go bang every time, quick with no interruption. That's the design. So that's why you shouldn't put that in your defensive setup. And I don't care what anyone says.

[00:08:43.120] - Johnny Glocks

They say, well, I got the trigger discipline. I've been shooting long. I've been doing this. I've been doing that. Yeah, yeah, great.

[00:08:48.010] - Johnny Glocks

It all goes out the window when you have a perceived threat on your life. So you take that information, and that's how you build a trigger. You build a corresponding to what statistics show us is gonna be the most efficient way and the most standardized way, the most consistent, repeatable way. That's the main thing with my triggers. I can do anything with a trigger, but I want it to be consistent.

[00:09:17.740] - Johnny Glocks

I want it to be repeatable over and over and over and over. So those are the major differences. You know, they're, they're, they're built specific to the application based on the information that I've gained over, you know, over a decade of information from specific top flights, top tiered shooters within those disciplines. So, you know, if you are shooting in a competition, get the competition. You know, if you're using this more for gun-fighting applications and you're taking classes from, like, instructors and you're outside running a gun in and you literally have to, you know, take cover because you'll see the disciplines are different for a reason.

[00:09:59.710] - Johnny Glocks

You know, when you train for that reason and you want to have the best equipment for that specific application. And I believe without a doubt, that's what my company delivers. And we have quality control and we have the track record and like I said, with the accolades of world shooters and also world Titles act. Not just world shooters, world titles. And having major teams having that in their bags get to pick their own bag of Johnny Glock trigger.

[00:10:31.580] - Johnny Glocks

That's. And I think now we're up to 400 different agencies that have it approved. Those are accolades. That counts. That counts, buddy.

[00:10:38.820] - Johnny Glocks

You know what I'm saying? When you factor in who you want to get a trigger from, that counts. That counts, buddy.