There are two ways to use my site and services. The first is to just order off the (up and coming) shopping cart. The 2nd, and I feel gives you the most for you investment, is to call 941-894-7114 and we can have a chat about your intended use and expectations. I can design a drop in kit specifically for YOUR gun. These are true CUSTOM kits not cookie cutters! If you need something 100% production approved no problem. If it’s for a carry gun and need some pre travel for prep or want something a la 1911 it’s entirely achievable. We can discuss different break feels, reset lengths and pop, as well as return action aggressive or neutral and the list goes on. Email is another option Please bear with me as my site is being developed I truly want to assist you during this time and appreciate the one to one conversations that truly make the difference. Also click the You Tube tab to get a feel for what I do.