Alright YouTube, hey, what's up Johnny Glock here. I'm doing kind of like a production run right now while I have some triggers and I wanted to like show you guys some things here. 

I know I talk about, you know, three different distinct break feels sort of like that very 1911-ish field with a glass rod break, some guys call it tactical. Exactly like a semi-rolling, which is just a, you know, sort of an, you know, it's almost like the Glock feel with a 3.5 connector. It has some sponge to it, very minimal stacking, but it has more of like a semi-rolling feel. It's not as clicky. 

And then third we have just a, you know, a pure rolling break, which is that break where it's pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, break. You've seen a bunch of these little, I’ve been putting these little short trigger things up so you guys can see all the differences and all the aluminum shoes that I do and all that stuff. 

So you know, to each one of these, and this is the disadvantage you have, you don't have a ton of bars and a ton of stock around to work with, but I do. So as I'm putting these groups together and as I'm doing what I'm doing, I have these you know, basically color coded to these distinct break feels. So I mean when you get them, they won’t look like this. They'll usually have the black one on it. 

But I have the, you know, the green one is the, you know, the very tactical feel. The glass rod, the red one is a semi-rolling and the yellow is a, the pure rolling. Now the reason I do that is because when I drop these, you know when I'm specking them out inside of a frame just to make sure that I'm within margin, there’s like a couple of processes that happen that I am in margin. They have a feel to them, you know, and instead of, I used to try to, you know fit, whatever the saying is, like a square whatever in a round hole or whatever, you know what the saying is. But now what I do is I kind of like build these all up and let them kind of like do their thing. And it makes life a lot easier. I'm not trying to force something into these. 


Of course, there's a proprietary thing that I do to every one of the connectors, every one of the bars. There's some tuning that I do to the springs. Sometimes there some tuning I do to the ejectors. I mean, there's a variety of different things that I do when you have your custom requests. So this is part of it right here. You know,  I had to kind of wasn't really disturbing, but on Glock talk, there was some guy that was kind of roasting me saying that, you know. There was no way, that my claims are false about, you know, giving stuff to you know, selling stuff to agencies and departments and stuff like that. And I pretty much, you know, squashed that. 

But in that rant, he says that I bad mouth other companies and that, you know, if you call me, it's basically so I can thump my chest and tell you how great my triggers are. Now first he starts out with saying he doesn't know me and never had any experience with me. So his, whatever he is saying is hearsay and opinion. But any of you guys that have ever called me, you understand that there are nuances that you cannot get through texts and emails. 

Now if you're going to buy a drop bar or a pure carry, those are kind of pre-configured the way they are. They're EDC. If you're buying one of these groups that I build specifically to your requests, it is going to benefit you by having a conversation with me about why you want it a certain way. And a lot of you newbies out there know too that you know, I can give some direction and I can explain to you things that you might not even know. Not that I can thump my chest and tell you how great I am. I mean, we already know how great I am. Anyway, that was a joke and you could tell I have a sense of humor about this stuff. 


So you know, there are nuances to get lost in texts and emails. So you know, please give me a call. It's going to benefit you. That's something that's going to help you get the most out of your money and really get this trigger designed, you know, the way you want it to be designed. And also, you know, it's my, I can make a lot more money if I had to click-and-buy store--just click-and-buy man all day long. But you know, it's my due diligence to vet calls just to make sure, you know, enhanced trigger systems are not going in the wrong hands or even in the hands of people that, I can’t tell you how many people who have got the kit and said, you know what, I'm just going to send you my gun, I don't feel comfortable doing this. And that's great. That's an intelligent adult decision. Decision if you don't really know you don't have the skills and there might not be like a Glock armorer or a reputable gunsmith around you, you can send the gun to me, you know, and I usually, I end up doing a bunch of other stuff to it to get a really, really tasty for you. 

So that's just a little thing that I, you know, I just want to try to explain that a little bit about how these come to be. And if you are out there and are trying to create, you know, a trigger exactly how you want it and it's not working out, it's probably because the parts you have inherently, because these are stamped parts, they're just not in that kind of tolerance for that. There might be an off angle or there might be an off radius, or you know, there's a million different things. Your striker, it might not even be these parts. It might be your striker, you know, and to actually, you know, when I ramp up on a trigger, I can basically tell, okay, I can feel that this is like the, like I said before, the princess and the pea, I can tell if it's either coming from like a safety plunger or there's drag at the transfer bar or it's coming from the shoe just because I’ve done this thousands and thousands of times. 

So, you know, basically don't, if you're having that, and I know it's frustrating, man, I’ve talked to so many of you that like, you know, I’ve done everything I could. I've followed your videos and I just can't get it how I like it.


You know, it's not necessarily your inadequacy at all. These are stamped parts and you know, until you know, if you take the time to learn of how you have to actually, you know, I don't do the plug-and-play stuff, that's what you're, that's what a lot of people are stuck to. I'm removing some material and changing things to get them to behave how I want within certain parameters. But fundamentally, foundationally I have to start with something that already has a tactical feel, or somewhat rolling or rolling feel. Sure I can create them. That's kind of what I have to do when I get a shoe, you know, I have to make that whole thing happen. Like an aluminum shoe and you've seen the differences on those snappy triggers, quick resets. And then the last one I showed you that had like, you know, he wanted the surprise break.

And so those are some, you know, those are, that's another aspect of, you know, building all this stuff. But I thought I'd like to just mention this you know, to people that are out there doing it you know, Glocksmithing enthusiasts that are just like, “This isn't working out.” You know, don't get too frustrated by a couple bars, by a couple of connectors. And also you know, people that are potential customers that have apprehension and calling me and stuff like that. Give me a call, we'll work it out, we'll figure it out. 

And I’ve been really, really busy. So I know I'm trying to put some more videos up. This next one I really want to put up is on connectors and it's not going to be every connector underneath the, you know, God's green earth. What it's going to do is show you how to tune a connector, okay. So when you get a raw connector, you will know what to do with it. You will be able to look at it and say, “Oh, this needs [to be] smoothed out. This is what needs to happen. Like a Lone Wolf connector. They don't do well polishing them, you know, for some reason their finish grabs onto stuff and you've got to really be careful that you know how to polish them in a different way. 

Whereas something like a, you know, ZEV Tech connector has a lot of chromes and doesn't have like a, you know, the same type of finish that's on the lone Wolf is going to polish different. Same thing with that Taran Tactical, that's like a nickel electroless plated. Those are all going to do different things. And that's the difference of like having hundreds of them come through your hands and knowing how to work on them. 


So that's what the next video is going to be. Hopefully I can get it up the next few days. I have a gun show this weekend. That's why I'm not behind my sheet. I'm right here in the back of my gun shop. The guy called me a hobbyist in the back of someone's gun shop. Anyway, so it's laughable. But anyway, so the next one will be on connectors. is the website, which will just refer you to me anyway. You're on the YouTube channel, which is great. Subscribe. Tell some buddies about it. That'd be cool to get more information out about. And 941-376-4383 is the telephone number. So give me a call and let's talk some triggers and have a good time. All right. Take care.