Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)
Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)

Factory OEM trigger shoe Upgrade (modified & enhanced)

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This is a Glock factory OEM smooth face stock shoe that has been drilled and tapped for pre-travel reduction. The  tapping process is designed so the stainless steel set screw will self seize at it's desired position.  The face of the trigger safety tab has been reduced to lay flush with the shoe face. The frame engagement point of the trigger safety tab has been modified to accommodate the pre-travel reduction. NOTE: this tab modification should not be altered as it is designed to correspond with the drop shelf ensuring the trigger is drop safe.

For G44 order Gen 5 variant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Well worth it.

I'm not huge on modified carry triggers. I just put these on my 43, 43x mos, and 48. So much better than the serrated trigger. Pre travel reduction is a bonus. Probably going to get these for my other glocks.

Bill F
Much needed for the 48!

As others mentioned, the 43X and 48 serrated triggers are horrible, smooth trigger makes shooting the 48 fun

best plastic flat face on the market

Sweet that Johnny is recycling flat face shoes from the factory performance triggers, don't have to buy the whole kit to upgrade my Gen 3, pre-travel reduction a bonus. After dialing it in so that the trimmed trigger safety just clears the frame can see up the magwell that the trigger bar is only lightly touching the safety plunger, retaining all 3 factory safeties. Doesn't remove all pre-travel but as much as you can get without reshaping the trigger bar. Deserves the well worn phrase, should have come this way from the factory.

Michael Hanschen
Outstanding upgrade!

I recently purchased a 43X, and a 48. My first range trip resulted in a blister on my trigger finger , from the awful grooved stock trigger, that took a week to heal. I ordered and installed two of the enhanced straight triggers, and installed them on both guns in about 30 minutes, and what a difference. No more sore finger, and a dramatically improved trigger pull.
Anyone with the stupid grooved trigger should buy this trigger! My only complaint has nothing to do with the triggers. I paid for two day shipping, and it took five days to receive my order. The triggers are great however.

Jay S.
Sweet flat shoe trigger!

My 43x is a pleasure to shoot thanks to the flat trigger shoe. An upgrade worth WAY MORE than its dollar value. Get it now!

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We take an amazing product and apply thoughtful, precise design choices that make our products the best upgrades in the industry.



Johnny Glocks is THE trigger upgrade. My friends always ask what trigger I’m running when we’re shooting at the range. The performance and reliability is unparalleled, especially after learning the trigger and getting it dialed in.

If I could leave more stars, I would.

Jackson D.

I am extremely happy with my new combat trigger. This was my first installation, but I followed along step by step with Johnny's YouTube tutorial. Had an issue with over travel initially, but it was addressed in the video and instruction card. It ended up being a fairly easy trouble shoot, and taught me how to adjust the trigger myself.

Took it straight to the range after for a test run. Zero malfunctions.

Highly recommend, and I'm sure I'll be picking up another at some point.

Dan M.

I did some rework on my Glock 48 and the trigger felt much better but then I installed the Johnny Glock trigger and it is fantastic! I am only giving them 5 stars because I can't give them 6! I ordered a Glock 19 Gen 4 trigger as well. It was easy and quick to install.

I have tried other products and did some work on my own also. This trigger is a significant improvement over the stock trigger and the work that I did.

Damian C.

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