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The Glock performance trigger is a major improvement on the stock trigger. Even with these improvements it still has inefficiencies. The new VEX trigger shoe upgrade is designed specifically to addresses these inefficiencies. It is a plug and play replacement that is easily set screw installed and unbelievably user friendly. The design incorporates the revolutionary VEX trigger shoe platform with all of its enhancements.

  • Convex profile for the ultimate in comfort and ease of purchase 
  • Reduced trigger width creating a more suitable finger pad to surface area ratio
  • Longer blade style trigger safety increasing stability to the shoe body and enabling quicker disengagement
  • Bilateral trigger safety stops for consistency and safety
  • Stainless steel set screws for ease of installation and cleaning
  • 6061 billet aluminum for durability (tensile strength of 45,000 psi)
  • Laser etched trigger face for increased traction
  • Minimized pre travel for more efficient purchase
  • Reduced over travel for faster follow-up shots
  • 100% American made

Beyond these physical enhancements the VEX trigger shoe upgrade also addresses all the Glock performance trigger action inefficiencies. These include excessive pretravel, excessive over travel, as well as an incredibly LONG reset.

Minimal overtravel with it's corresponding short reset length is what sets an exceptional performance  trigger apart from one that is mediocre. The VEX trigger shoe upgrade remedies all the aforementioned short comings and beyond by:

  • Reducing pre travel to the absolute minimal distance while ensuring 100% safety 
  • Completely removing any over travel 
  • Creating a solid dead stop post break feel
  • Achieving the absolute shortest reset as functionally possible
  • Ability to fine tune reset for all stock and after market connector

I'm also offering the VEX shoe upgrade installed and pre-calibrated on a Glock Performance trigger as a package. This comes as a full drop-in unit and has been:

  • Re-edged removing all stamping imperfections & inconsistencies
  • High polished by hand w/a successive four wheel process
  • Modified to fit Gen 1-4 if choosing that package 
  • Pre-calibrated for your specific application- defensive or competition
  • Enhanced to create a specific and efficient action for you application  

I am also offering an option to add a connector and/or an upgraded striker. Connectors are performance enhanced and are OEM 8#DEFENSIVE or OEM 5# COMPETITION. This is for those interested in specifically tailoring their SHOE ONLY purchases. For the absolute most efficient trigger action add the striker upgrade. 

Current lead time on shoes 24-48 hr on packages 7-10 days 


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