Glock Forum Review - 2014

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Posted by igolfat8 on July 2, 2014

I have been shooting the better part of the last 50 years but only for fun and non-competitively. Recently I was invited to shoot bowling pins at the local sportsman’s club and after the first outing I was hooked. For several months I competed with my Gen 3 G22 and it met my needs but after shooting a few race guns of some of the other members I was bitten by that bug. A few months ago I was fortunate to purchase a Gen 4 G35 from which to build my own race gun on. Soon thereafter I added a Burris Fast Fire III red dot, Ghost connector, a Lone Wolf barrel with a Carver frame mount for the site, a Carver *thumb rest [generic]* and a Carver comp. The barrel was chosen just so I could shoot my own cast boolits.
I have Ghost connectors and spring kits in a few of my other Glocks and I really appreciated the lighter pull over the stock connector. A couple of times, I came very close to ordering a Vanek trigger but ultimately I really wanted something with an adjustable pre-travel and post-travel which Vanek had discontinued.

Then I stumbled on a few discussions involving Johnny Glock triggers. I had never heard of him or his company before but I decided to give him a try since he offered me a money back guarantee if I wasn’t happy with the performance of his trigger mods. Therefore, I ordered his “Level III” competition only trigger group as well as his modified striker. All said and done it was a bit pricy ($250) for what are basically hot rodded OEM parts.

A couple days later the package arrived in the mail box and I went to work installing the parts in my beloved G35. I took it to the range and put it through its paces. The pre-travel is adjusted by a small set screw Johnny installs in the trigger and it came adjusted with just a tiny hint of take up before resistance was felt and then on to a very easy break to release the striker. Johnny had included 3 different striker springs and I opted for the 4.0# spring, which he said could affect the reliability of primer strikes. However, every round went bang. He also includes a reshaped safety plunger and lighter plunger spring. The mushroom top is machined and polished to a mirror like surface. The pull was shorter than my Ghost connectors provided and it seemed lighter as well although I don’t have a spring pull gauge to provide any hard data to support my opinion. Post travel was nonexistent thanks to an additional set screw that Johnny installs in the rear trigger housing which is exactly what I wanted.

The trigger group seemed to function flawlessly until I noticed that when I held the trigger in follow through, after releasing the striker, sometimes the trigger would not reset. This puzzled me so I began swapping my old parts, out one at a time, until I narrowed it down to something in the trigger group must be causing the intermittent lack of trigger reset. It seemed to disappear if I reset the trigger during recoil or if I didn't hold the trigger back with a lot of force. I emailed Johnny that evening and he quickly replied with several things to check that I had not. We could not resolve the issue so he offered to send me another trigger group along with a return shipping label.

The new group arrived in 2 days and I installed it in a dirty gun. If it was going to fail why give it a chance in a clean gun. I took the newly installed parts to the range and proceed to run 300 rounds through it WITHOUT a single malfunction. I tried to make this new group fail by squeezing the trigger as firm as possible, machine gunning the trigger, double taps, hot loads, extremely light loads and the new trigger did not balk one time!

I also noticed that this trigger group felt even lighter and smoother than the previous group which was by far the best one I had ever tried. He made an attempt to explain how he reshapes the bird’s beak on the trigger bar end and changes some other contacting angles on other parts but all that is beyond me. All I know is this trigger works better than ANY trigger I have ever felt in any pistol, bar none! This is the closest thing to a world class 1911 trigger in a striker fired pistol that I have experienced.

I am just an average Joe who enjoys shooting and I have no affiliation with Johnny Glocks nor am I receiving any compensation for this review. Its seldom that I write reviews but I felt the need to give Johnny some kudos for some of the finest customer service I have ever encountered and for a drop in trigger kit that is remarkable and truly outstanding.

Thanks Johnny!

Oops, I forgot to mention another cool thing he does is to machine the trigger safety tab down so it is flush with the face of the trigger when you press the trigger. It still maintains the safety feature so have no fear. It just eliminates the sore finger tip that some may experience when shooting Glocks for extended periods of time.


Thanks igolfat8 for the review!