Glock Slide Tightening and Technique EDUCATIONAL ONLY


Hey you all, what's happening? Johnny Glock here. You know, yesterday we shot from Ron Gunner's house and I had a gentleman with me, they gave me a ride, kind enough to give me a ride. Joe, he's from Johnstown. So today I'm at Joe's house. Cause I did some work on his guns and we just wanted to get them, you know, tighter. And so basically, I want to shoot this video to show you guys that you know, the tolerances on these Glocks, I'm sure you can hear that. 

And the way there's all this movement in the slide and even when you push down on the barrel, you're going to see just because it's a combat weapon, there's lots of tolerances. So as yesterday you saw there was this gun that he had done by SJC and wanted to tighten it up really, really, really tight. And I think I've told you about this. This is a vise that it's in. And you know, I did use the ball-peen hammer. I never showed this, how to do this. 

But I just want you to see the results here because this is in a vise and you can see there is absolutely no movement of this slide, no movement of this barrel. You can see I'm pushing actually the gun down and Joe is here, this is Joe's gun. And he can confirm that this thing is as tight as it's going to get. There's no movement whatsoever, right Joe? 

Joe: Absolutely. 

Okay. So and it’s functioning spot on and this is just going to make everything function more accurately. And for me as a trigger architect, it's going to make the trigger pull so, so much more responsive that way when I'm putting like a highly refined trigger group in here it’s going to function way better than the gun that you know, that doesn't have the slide tightened. Now granted this is, you know, the C-More Sight goes on top of this. This is one of the competition race gun here. It's built up for that. You can see what the compensator and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, this is a gun and definitely you want to be as accurate, as tight as possible. You know, can shoot sub one and a half groups, 50 yards if you get it right. 


And there's a KKM precision barrel in here. So it's a different, it's a different animal than your everyday carry where you're just, you know, you have to hit center mass and you almost don't want it too tight cause it might have a feed issue or things of that nature. You know, you don't want to do all these things, some guns, some that you don't. Like when I build triggers, Joe's trigger had the Deus Ex [Machina] yesterday. I built that a different way than I'm building the trigger for this gun. 

So, you know, we talk about trigger kits and stuff like that or you know, when you get something like say the Edge or you get something from Ghost, those are kind of like what they're designed to be, one thing. You can change the poundage on it, but you know, what you get is what you get. And that's, you know, and believe me, I’m not talking, slinging mud or anything. That's the design of those kits. And they do what they do really well. And that's the differentiation between what I'm doing. I'm building specifically, and you've heard me say this a million times. I’m building specifically for the gun or that shooter. So here we go, here's the shooter. I know what he wants, but we have to get the gun to do what we want it, you know, he wants it to do, to be completely precise. And then the trigger group goes in that way and everyone thinks just because I do triggers, I don't do anything else.  Anything you can do to a Glock, I'll do to a Glock. You know, I have plenty of people to do slide work and I do a lot of other stippling and all that stuff. 

Like I said, I'm coming out with a flat faced trigger shoe. It's going to be adjustable. It's going to be awesome, actually coming out with a connector, a new connector with a totally different angle to deal with reset things. And it's just going to be some really nice stuff here. We're hoping to have it out by Shot Show. I'm actually working with a company called Gulf Coast Precision here in Florida in Venice. 


So this was a video, like I said, I wanted to show you this. And basically this is, you know, anvil vise right here. We have a chunk of steel and you can't see it, but I have marked here and here with the tabs to this gun are inside of it. So there's your tab there, there's your tab there. And with those tabs I've gone over them with, you know, successively with Cratex wheels to get the tabs even polished up because that's going to make the gun function a lot better too. Taking all the tooling marks off of here and rounding these edges and making them smoother is going to make it run. Since we tightened up the rails, this is going to make this gun function better. 

But I'll put this slide right here. Joe can you just hold this down a little bit. I'll take this off. Okay. So here's your slide. I mean you always want to put something underneath that. I had a piece of leather underneath it before it didn't work out too good. But this way, okay, so you can see I am on this Anvil surface here, it's got to be a hard surface. And I'm taking this hammer and I am, I know where the slide tabs are. So this is what I'm trying to crimp right here a little bit. And you know, I'm not going to do it anymore to this, but it's sort of like a, it's sort of like an angled strike like this to the inside. And it's almost like you want to bump a couple of times and then come like that. And you're going to do that to all areas where, and if you angle it a little bit too, like this, you're going to be able to get a nice, a really nice hit as opposed to it being flat. Because sometimes when it's flat, you're just going to deflect that way. So if I angle this up a little bit, not, I'm just drastically showing you if I angle it up. And then come down there, I'm going to be able to crimp it. And then if you go to put it on and it's not going on what you're going to do is you're going to run a screwdriver through here and you'll feel where the screwdriver gets it, right now, it's tight right there. That's exactly how tight I want it. 


Let's say you can't get the slide on, you're just going to put that in the highly tight spot and you're going to, you know, you're going to turn and turn it like you're trying to pry it open and just gently back that up if you could. I just want to show them. So you're turning it like this, like as if you're going to try to open that area up or don't pry like that. Just turn, turn a little bit of turn. You've got to have a little bit of an arm strength there. 

But I know I have, I know everyone's been, I know everyone's been kind of bothering. No, I'm not going to say they’re bothering me... Asking me to show them that technique. And that's basically it, man. You get that slide tightened up. especially for your range guns and your competition guns. And even if you don't, even if you want to tighten the tolerance up a little bit for your everyday carry guns. It's fine. You just got to know the parameters that you're working with. But yeah, and he can attest to it. It was loose.

Joe: It was loose. 

It was a loose slide, much more loose than it should be. And so you see like I have to push it on a little bit there and then push it on here. But this thing is, once I get the triggers to group and here that I built for him yesterday and we tighten it up, it's going to be a f***ing Picasso man. Trust me this, it's just going to, it's going to run like a Rolex. Anyway. so that's a little bit of video. We might visit you again today.

Like I said, I am on vacation, but I'm making some house calls and stuff like that. Why not? I can't keep my hands off it. It's just part of the nature of the passion of the beast. Anyway, Johnny Glocks,, 941-376-4383. And remember, you have to call me to get something and I don't bite. And don't be intimidated to call me. Just give me a call, man. We'll have a good conversation and johnny[@] is the email. Like I said, you have to call. I don't have a click and buy store because what I'm doing is, you know, it's different than just a kit, just a stand only kit that you have to adjust. I do all that stuff for you. I build it exactly how you want. 

So adios. Might see a little bit later, have a great day. Take care.