New Glock Performance Trigger Review Part 1 - 2023 EDUCATIONAL ONLY


[00:00:02.890] - Johnny Glocks
What's up, guys? Johnny Glock here. First and foremost, Happy New Year. Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas. It's been a while since I put a video up. The last video I had up, they took down because of course, I was going against community guidelines, so I was a little trepidatious about it. And we've just been so busy after the Black Friday sale and holidays and all that stuff, and I took a little bit of time off. So that's the reason for the hiatus. I think. I have so many videos where I talk about taking a hiatus. It's unreal. But first things first, I do own a trigger company, and then I can get to do these videos when I do have a chance.

[00:00:37.370] - Wick
Remember, if the videos get pulled off of YouTube, he's on Rumble. So follow him on Rumble. It's just Johnny Glocks.

[00:00:44.760] - Johnny Glocks
Yeah. So just look it up. The link is actually in the bio. But something came out today. Well, it didn't come out today, but I received it today and Wick is going to pan down. So, you know, I absolutely had to make a video, and I wanted to be the first one to break this. I don't know if I am, but I'm pretty much probably the only one you could trust to say what needs to be said about it. So this is Glock's Performance Trigger. A lot of people don't even know that Glock was coming out with this. I thought it was going to be released, at Shot Show, so I wasn't even trying to get a hold of them. And then I had a rep of mine call me and say, hey, we have some of these. And I'm like, send me, overnight them to me because I want to get my hands on them. So basically, yeah, just take a look at it. Here's what it comes like in the box. You saw the box. It's got a rubber band there around kind of where I put my zip tie. The first thing you'll notice that this is not the standard Glock shoe.

[00:01:43.460] - Johnny Glocks
This is a sort of a flat I'm not going to say sort of. It is a flat face. Well, it's not even a flat face. It's got a little hook right there. But what you no longer have that everyone hates is the fact that there's no more protruding blade. And the blade on this is thick. So it's not the thinned out safety, it's the thicker safety. And when you do depress it, it's flat. It's very comfortable. I'll say that same exact same exact safety length and all that kind of stuff. Nothing too special about that. As you can see, there's some major weirdness going on back here that I will explain. It's actually doing the same thing as the Timney. And you can back up with this. I'll say this right out of the gate. I don't know when they started working on this. But judging from what I'm seeing here, if it wasn't for this Timney tech, I don't think this would have exist. But that's just my opinion. I don't know. I just know that this piece of innovation probably just like anything else, it makes people go, oh, I'm going to try this, I'm going to do this just like I've built on this.

[00:03:00.920] - Johnny Glocks
I've done shoes and I've created a bunch of different things. Another thing I wanted to mention too, like I just got these in. So those of you guys that have the Vex...the Timney always has reset issues. The Vex helped clean that up. The Timmy Vex upgrade. But even with that I wanted to have a spring that added a pound to the actual reset. So basically this is a pound heavier spring. It's a pound heavier than the red spring. So basically it's only going to add about a quarter pound to the break weight, which is kind of imperceivable with the finger. But the reset with this thing in there is unbelievable. I'm trying to figure out a way because I know a lot of you got this Vex shoe. I'm trying to figure out a way like maybe if you send me in a self addressed envelope or something like that with a couple of bucks I can send you this out. I don't want to have to put it on the site and charge $5 or $8 for shipping for a spring that's only $5. I don't know, I'm trying to figure that out.

[00:04:03.550] - Johnny Glocks
But anyway, I want to make it available and we'll see what's going to happen. But this is going to be on the website by the end of the week. I digressed. So anyway, let's look at the action of this. So since they are calling it a performance trigger, we want to test its performance. That's the first thing we want to do. So you know what, I probably should have put a stock glock together to compare this against, but we have very I don't think we have many stock blocks in here, do we?

[00:04:35.820] - Wick
No, everything's custom around here.

[00:04:38.640] - Johnny Glocks
Wait a minute. Oh, we got a stock lock. It's in a 43 X but it's still going to give you the same sort of same sort of thing. So here's your glock pre-travel right there. Oh, blew through that. Here's your glock pre-travel in a standard not performance. Here is your glock pre-travel in the performance. So it is just about the same as far as that's concerned. See, I'm blown this must have a 3.5 connector in it, one of those ghost connectors because I blew right through that wall. That's why I like it. So basically this is your pre-travel right there and I'm going to switch this over because it's going to be easier. No barrel swiping for you to I want that square. So basically right there, that's your pre-travel. Just about the same as the stock trigger shoot. Now, when it comes to the break, there's your break. But now, just like the Timney trigger, when this slide cycles, you will see the trigger move backwards. All right? So now you can see it's in a completely different position. So now when I reset, it's back there, okay, so there's the wall again.

[00:05:58.640] - Johnny Glocks
It's kind of like a wall, it's more like a bump. So break, reset, trigger, it's further back now. And then forward we come. So there's an aspect of this that's more performance, because once again, let's do this one. So there's the pre-travel. It's just about the same pre-travel. There's the break and you can see I'm going to rack this one, too, and it's probably going to move further back. And then here's the reset on this. So you see it's just about the same action. So we're going to, like I said, if you've watched my videos, you know, we break things down in between pre-travel, break, break-travel, reset, reset speed, length and feel and all that kind of stuff. So what I'm seeing from this is, and it's just the same thing I said about the Timney, it has a very good break. The break is very good. You can't get a Glock trigger out of the box to break at and it breaking straight up at 3 pounds every time. That's 3 pounds. It's consistent, I'll give it that. It's very consistent, 3 pounds. And that's with an OEM spring, 3 pounds. See, every time, like right on the line.

[00:07:26.190] - Johnny Glocks
So it is a very consistent trigger. Now, let's get into the nitty gritty because okay, so like I said, in my opinion, the performance part, if you're going to call it that, is basically in the break. You know what I mean, don't you agree?

[00:07:42.340] - Wick

[00:07:42.880] - Johnny Glocks
So it's got a nice break feel, and I'm going to show you exactly why it's got a nice break feel. And that's because it is, for all intents and purposes, turning the trigger into a one stage trigger. So basically, you don't have the kick-up anymore. That's determining the break. You have a crossbar. Everyone's going to notice this design that has a Timney. So that crossbar and what that crossbar is doing is as the connector drives it back, it is pushing down the sear in the back. So if I push this back, you can see this little maybe better to see it from this way. If I push this back, you can see it moving. See how it pushes it down? It's a dot connector that it's using. So that's why you have less of a wall, because it's at like a 94 degree angle or something like that. But that's basically the mechanism. You can see that. So same thing with this. If you look at the Timney design, this moving backwards is dropping down that sear. Is everyone following? Can you basically see that Wick? Yeah, it's the same idea. You know what I mean?

[00:08:58.650] - Johnny Glocks
Yeah, they're pretty close. But the thing that's different, the main difference in between this trigger and the Timney is the Timney uses the return spring right here in order to reset the trigger, to propel it forward because you no longer have the striker. Since the striker is being held statically back here. And in case you guys haven't seen any of my other videos, you know the trigger is being held static in the back. Same thing with this unit. The trigger is being held static in the back by the actual unit. So you have a completely cocked trigger. So the trigger is sitting like that. So you have a trigger that is cocked and ready to go. So with that and knowing the potential of having a completely cocked trigger, and I don't know if you can get this in the video, but if I do rack this back, you can see that trigger. Those of you guys that know what the inside of these look like, you have your light. It's back there all the way. That's what your trigger looks like when it breaks. So when I pull the trigger and it breaks, as you can see, it's loosed, picked up, loosed, picked up, statically, held, break.

[00:10:11.890] - Johnny Glocks
All right. With that, you need to have a very I'm not going to say sophisticated, but you really need to think about safety because even though the Timneys that I was dropping really high and stuff like that weren't failing, it's because I had to build up the drop shelf. And so what they have done here is they have created and you know what, guys? It's really let me say this right now. Do not take this trigger apart unless you know what you're doing, because it is very hard to it's a little more complicated to put back together than most people think. I'm going to show you how to do it, but it took us a second to figure it out. The easiest way to do it. So what they have here, and I hope you can get this Wick, there is a little hook right there that is holding, you got that? That is holding the trigger bar in there, the cross bar, the trigger bar. So this thing, no matter how much, you see it, can't go anywhere. It's got it locked in. You can see it even through there because there's no drop shelf mechanism like in the normal Glocks.

[00:11:29.350] - Johnny Glocks
I'll take this, I'll take this one apart so you guys can see. But basically when you pull this thing out, this is the makeup. But this part, I'm going to show you how to take it apart. So basically we'll call it the receiver. So this receiver is captured. It's captured by the there's your pin. And that's not a pin right there. That's basically your ejector. So when you pull the Ejector, that leaves that area open and then go in with a punch. You can push this right out. Okay. So now I got that out that frees this unit. And this is the part that I'm talking about, the hook right there. So basically, this hook is what holds that trigger bar in place. And wait a minute. Let me get this out of the way.

[00:12:28.590] - Speaker 3
You want to 50 of these, right?

[00:12:30.530] - Johnny Glocks

[00:12:31.170] - Speaker 3

[00:12:31.870] - Johnny Glocks
We are shooting a video over here.

[00:12:33.560] - Speaker 3
Oh, I'm so sorry.

[00:12:36.370] - Johnny Glocks
Push it. As you can see, it's very there we go. So now it's held together. That's basically the mechanism that keeps that trigger from that would be what's, replacing the drop shelf. All right. Right there. So that thing is not going anywhere. All right. Not the first time I've seen that design either. And then what happens back here, as you can see, the return spring. What is making this trigger return instead of having it in the shoe is this spring right here, which is very similar to it's almost like the same setup they kind of use in their Gen 5 housing, which is that set up, but it's reversed. So instead of it compressing, when you're pulling back, this one's compressing like that. See how it compresses? And then it releases forward. This is rough. Rough to get this. Trigger, pushes it back, and then let's see, though, that's the return return right there. Break, return, break, return, break, return. And you can see this is interesting because it's all moving right here, which is pretty cool that that has got that ability to pivot. It's angled right here. So when the striker does come back I know that was an issue with Timneys is that they were snapping the striker a little bit with the half moon style, the bottom striker here.

[00:14:10.990] - Johnny Glocks
When it comes back to pick the striker up, you know what I mean? That's a nice angle right there for it to not worry about getting hung up on. Also with this one, you can see, whereas the Timney has this bar very flat. It's just a flat bar. They've taken it to the next level, and they have pressed the bar down. So you see that indentation in the bar and how thin it is. That completely gets the crossbar out of the way for any striker that is moving over top of it. Okay, now, to put this back together, that's the housing. The housing is different, you know, because it doesn't need the normal drop shelves. Like, here's a here's a standard Gen 5 housing. You can see the 45 down to the drop. That doesn't exist on this. On the other side, you can see the 45 down to the drop right there. That's not on there. It's not necessary because of the hook on there. For all intents and purposes, you could impregnate this. You could tap. And, like, what I do with my set up, like, you could tap and drill that in there, and you could use that as a stop that's going to keep that from coming the whole way back.

[00:15:31.690] - Johnny Glocks
That's one option of dealing with that. Because like I said, that's a big inefficiency. When you're putting this back together, it's going to go back in the exact same way. You're going to drop it down in like so. This pin has like a shoulder on there. So the shoulder side has to go through first and just go right back through the hole that it came out of. And you got to fuss with it a little bit. But that's going to basically go right back into there. And you have to get it pushed through back into this where it rests. It rests in that hole. So it can be a little, got to kind of finagle it a little bit because you won't be able to get. That's why I said it's a little bit tricky. You don't want to take this trigger apart unless you have to, which I can't see why you would have to, unless you're me. Okay, so now we got it back in. But like I said, it's almost like when you're putting together your 43 and you got to kind of wiggle the slide lock. I mean, the slide stop, the slide catch, same sort of thing.

[00:16:45.980] - Johnny Glocks
So then once you have that in, this is what's going to capture it. It's going to go right back in there again like that. So now you can see that pin is captured inside that unit on one side by the polymer of the shoulder set screw and the neck on that collar on that and the other side there. So this is the hard part. So when you're putting this back in, you're going to want to pull that down like that. It has to be pulled down in order to get that back in easily. I don't know. Maybe if we remember how there was a square on the back of this Wick, maybe if we QR that or whatever, it will give us directions on how to do that. I don't know. I doubt it, though, because Glock doesn't like people taking their stuff apart. And you got to go to Armorer's course for that. So just like that, you're going to drop this in and get it forward. And then that's why it has to be underneath. The best thing I've found it to use is like this little this little awl right here. Because I can just literally grab that kind of opening and just push it back and slide it up on so you're back in there.

[00:17:57.170] - Johnny Glocks
But like I said, do not do that unless you want a pain in the butt. Because it really is a pain in the butt. I have a hard time speaking about this because if this was brand new and I never saw. If had the Timney not come out, I would be like, oh my god, this is insane. You know what I mean? Because it is. And I can definitely say they've done some really interesting things to this to build it, and I'm sure they've tested the living crap out of it. I'm not a big fan of that little polymer leg that goes in there that's holding this together. But then again, that's the exact same set up they have on the Gen 5. It's just a little bit different. Like I said, we do have good engagement. Just from the test. There is fire pin push through it's, coming through the breech face. So some of the problems that people have had with the Timneys is, like, they have the new trigger bar with the Timneys that has the dimple on there. So it tracks over the firing pin safety better, so it disengages it.

[00:19:16.360] - Johnny Glocks
That way as the firing pin tip comes through the breech face, it's not nicking the safety or anything like that. And that's usually what the problem is with the ledge strikes with those. You have to make your own decision with this, if it's worth it or not. I don't know what the MSRP on it is. I'm not going to say it's super duper duper innovative because it's kind of standing on someone's shoulders, if you know what I'm saying. The break is not, like I said, the action, reset, action. So I know one thing. We haven't tried it yet, but just because most of this stuff is like Legos....You know what? We'll try it live. I'm going to pop this pin out. Let's see how fast I can do this, man. I'm going to get rid of the trigger shoe. Yeah, it's just a bigger shoe. So it does look like it's in a different position, but yeah, see, Wick how normally, if Brandon, if you would knock this out, you would be hitting right there, wouldn't you, when you knock the shoe out? So this might be in a completely let me grab that. So all I did was you've seen this video before, I create a blind hole, basically go back through.

[00:21:02.810] - Johnny Glocks
That's how we get to... Oops lost a pin. So let's grab a three screw of Vex. All right? Put this bad boy on here. I'm also going to put this three screw. We call it three screw because it has three set screws. So basically they are for special builds. But that's going to go back in there. I'm not only going to put it to where it actually starts to move the bar, because that's what's going to mess with the reset. So why don't you film Chelsea for a while? Because I want to do this without getting.

[00:21:52.350] - Speaker 3
Come on, let them know.

[00:21:54.990] - Johnny Glocks
Let them know that I'm just doing this because I don't want to be taking a gun apart.

[00:21:58.430] - Wick
Yeah. So per the ridiculous rules that are put forth by the YouTube overlords, I am not allowed to show you the part where he takes apart a Glock. The thing that if you're watching this video right now, you definitely know how to do because it's the easiest freaking thing on the planet. So the amount of time that it has taken me to walk over there, show you Larry putting some stuff together, Johnny has taken the gun completely apart.

[00:22:29.350] - Johnny Glocks
And reinstalled my Vex shoe. So it looks pretty good, you know what I mean? Like, this is sitting much further back. What you want with a [glock] performance trigger. And now we're going to like I said, the other one was right about there. Hopefully you guys can use your or just rewind it if you don't want to remember? So let's see if we can get it to break. Yeah, we can look at that and let's see how the reset is. Same thing. So now we're going to film something else while I dial it in because I have to take the entire gun back apart. Gun Hub I'm pretty psyched now that we know that Vex works in there. So, guys, if you get the Glock performance trigger.

[00:23:14.310] - Wick
Or if you need any framework done yeah, we got a great framework guy here.

[00:23:20.490] - Speaker 3
It's me. I do it. I do it all. Larry.

[00:23:25.470] - Johnny Glocks
It's always the good woman behind the man. Isn't that the saying?

[00:23:29.230] - Wick
That's so great because you were lying.

[00:23:33.070] - Speaker 3
You have your.

[00:23:36.670] - Wick
And it's back together.

[00:23:39.150] - Johnny Glocks
I've still got room to move, so I got to dial it in again and again.

[00:23:42.500] - Wick
All right, let's go see what James is doing. I could hit pause, but we're just going to go do this. This is why you're fat. Why? Look, he's standing there.

[00:23:52.470] - Johnny Glocks

[00:23:52.710] - Wick
He's fat too. But you're more fat. You're a little bit fat. I won't be talking that fucking pudge you got going on. How much do you weigh? 260. 330. I'm down 30 pounds. Good job. I'm 190. Are you not done yet? We got to have a discussion about.

[00:24:18.720] - Johnny Glocks
How I know and I got to back it out a little.

[00:24:20.530] - Wick
And back again.

[00:24:21.760] - Johnny Glocks
I got to back it out. Went too far. I wish I didn't have to take this out every time.

[00:24:32.830] - Wick
Stupid YouTube rules not allowing us to show the actual taking apart or putting together. So if I pick a gun up, you'll get, like, in trouble? No, we can't take one apart. Like you can't show taking apart or working on anymore. So while he's doing that? That's retarded. I mean, that's the reason you go to you well, now we're demonetized because you said the R word.

[00:25:02.790] - Johnny Glocks
You're still not done? Yeah, it's a little finicky.

[00:25:05.450] - Wick
Back again. Favor word. I'm not what?

[00:25:19.870] - Speaker 3
Jake is going to be missed. He would have been in this video but he had to leave to go home. So, Jake, where'd you go?

[00:25:31.730] - Johnny Glocks
Didn't stay where I had it.

[00:25:33.510] - Wick
All right, so I'm just going to film your face as you yell at this performance thing and just keep it off screen.

[00:25:41.270] - Johnny Glocks
How the heck that happened? Here's my test pins.

[00:25:44.850] - Speaker 3
When we're recording, we need like, an on air thing or something, so you guys can have that on. So then when somebody has to come up and ask a question, they'll just ask it in the middle of it.

[00:25:52.460] - Johnny Glocks
All right, this might be it. Let's see. You know what, I probably could dial it in a little bit better, but like, you can see when the trigger breaks now, it doesn't go back any further. It stays right there, just like the Vex Timney does. So basically, it's the same exact thing. So the reset is substantially shorter than the performance trigger, but it could be better. But like I said, I only have so much time here. I got to dial it in more. But as far as your break position and your pre-travel, it takes all of it out. As far as the break weight, let's see if it's breaking, still it right around 3 pounds. I put that pin in mine in there. Yeah, same thing, 3 pounds. So I'm not going to say 100% to put my Vex in here yet. There's nothing that's going to I'll do some further testing with it, but as far as the mechanics of it go, everything that I'm looking at is spot on. And that's the first chance I got to throw one of my Vexes on there. So you'll probably see very shortly on the website glock performance performance upgrade Vex.

[00:27:14.730] - Johnny Glocks
Like the Timmy upgrade Vex. With that said, I don't know what the MSRP is. I know every Glock person out there and their brother is going to have to get this just because hey, you got to. And I get it with a good and I'm probably going to you know me, I'm probably going to have a bunch of these, and I'll hot rod them up and see what I can do with them and take a lot of the pre-travel out. The only thing with me is I'm afraid to take some of the pre. Let's see where this is sitting in battery. Okay, as you can see now we're in battery right there, and the hook is still hooked. That was one of the most important things. So that hook that we were talking about, even with that much pre-travel taken out of the system, it's still 100% hooked on there. So it is drop safe as well, which is nice. Yeah, that fit in there pretty good. What's the time right now?

[00:28:11.160] - Wick
28 minutes.

[00:28:11.960] - Johnny Glocks
28 minutes, okay. So if you guys have any questions or want to leave some comments or something like that, let me know. Hopefully this was I think I covered everything. Hopefully this was informative. Follow him on rumble. Yeah, rumble, Patreon, all that stuff. But that's as much as I can show you on this. So far, I just wanted to jump. I just want to get out there just like I did with the Timney and break the Internet. Be the first one to put this out. I don't know if anyone else has put out a video, but like I said, I'm sure it's not as in depth as this. I'm sure it's going to be just a tabletop thing. So, yeah, that's about it. It's great to be back on YouTube. Hopefully, there's no issue with this video and we can move forward. That's some of Wick's framework right there.

[00:29:04.620] - Wick

[00:29:07.430] - Johnny Glocks
All right, guys. Well, listen, you know what I'm going to say. Trigger control is control.