4311 Installation Guide for Glock 43, 43X, 48

How to Install the 4311 Trigger Kit on Glock 43, 43X, or 48

Before You Begin:

Ensure your firearm is unloaded and there is no ammunition nearby.

1. Slide Components Replacement:

  1. Release the slide by pulling the trigger and pulling back the slide.
  2. Use a Glock tool to push down below the striker lug faces to release the back plate.
  3. Remove the back plate and striker assembly.
  4. Take out the barrel for easier access to the extractor.
  5. Push down on the extractor while gently shaking the gun to allow it to come out slightly, uncapturing the firing pin safety.
  6. Remove the firing pin safety and spring.
  7. Install the new firing pin safety and spring with the notch facing the firing pin.
  8. Place the OEM assembly back into position and reassemble the back plate.
2. Trigger Housing Replacement:
  1. Use a tool to pop out the trigger housing pin and trigger pin.
  2. Shake the slide catch to help remove it when extracting the trigger pin.
  3. Remove the locking block and slide catch.
  4. Extract the entire assembly with the ejector.
  5. Drop the new trigger housing unit into place.
  6. Pin the back first and then install the locking block over the spring to ease tension.
  7. Install the slide catch ensuring it's properly seated.
  8. Slide in the locking block, applying pressure until it's aligned properly.
  9. Use a tool to help align the trigger if necessary, by pulling it forward slightly.
  10. Push down on the metal part of the catch to relieve tension and push it through until it snaps into place.
  11. Remove any tools and ensure the frame assembly is completed.
3. Final Steps:
  1. Reassemble the slide to the frame.
  2. Rack the slide a few times to ensure smooth operation.
  3. Point the gun in a safe direction and test the trigger to ensure proper functionality.

Congratulations on installing your 4311 Trigger Kit! Thank you for supporting our company. Now, go out and enjoy shooting with your enhanced Glock. See you next time!