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Design Intension-

System- My primary intention was to design a solitary system that combined my combat and competition models. It had to be predictable enough for defensive carry yet still refined for shooting sports. This sparked my next idea. What if the action characteristics could be extensively adjustable? Meaning, with the same system, you can create a hard wall with a snap break at 4.5 lb, a light wall with a rolling break at 2.5 lb, or any anything in between. As if that wasn't enough, I also wanted a singular model that was compatible in all generations and aftermarket frames. Simply, the same trigger model fits in Generations 1 through 5, Shadow systems, Poly 80's, and Nomad 9 frames to name a few. This was quite a tall order. However this system achieves all I wanted and more. It is definitely my most innovative and creative system to date. 

Shoe- I figured if I could pull this all off I better engineer a new trigger shoe that is deserving of all this ingenuity. I had a few ideas. Characteristics like quarter round shoe edges for a comfortable and ergonomic purchase, solid bottom ridge for predictable and stable indexing, laser etched trigger face for added traction, minimized and encapsulated trigger safety tab for increased finger pad footprint and overall rigidity, stainless shoulder hex set screws in trigger safety tab and trigger bar holes for ease of maintenance and installation, and a set screw adjustable over travel and reset. All the above has been engineered and incorporated into the universal hybrid trigger shoe while maintaining unwavering safety.

Physical Modifications and Enhancements-Mechanically the trigger bar is smoothed and deburred of any tooling. Then the sear geometry is  re-edged and the radius of the trigger bar is modified with a proprietary method consistent for this model. Several other modifications and enhancements are performed on the trigger bar to maximize the ultra smooth drag free movement of the bar over polymer and metal parts. The connector is reworked, re-edged, and uniquely angled creating all the distinctive traits  necessary for the versatility of this system. Also, the trigger housing has been modified with several propitiatory enhancements to assure smooth friction free action as well as cross compatibility installation. All these parts are designed to work in concert and mated specifically to one another to create an extraordinary trigger system. The flat face shoe is constructed from 7075 billet aluminum. I directly engineered the safety aspects, functional features, and aesthetics from the ground up. 

Includes- Full trigger assembly (Glock OEM spec Trigger, Trigger Bar, Trigger Housing & connector) Striker springs 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 lbs, 3 lbs reduced power firing pin safety spring, hex wrench, and spring configuration chart. 

STRIKER UPGRADE: GEN 1-4 ONLY Glock OEM factory  w/assembly refaced, de-tooled, stoned, honed, and high polished; lug face surface 10,000 grit

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