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This flat face shoe is constructed from 7075 billet aluminum. The trigger safety tab is set screw secured and a stainless steel trigger pin is partially pressed in for ease of installation. The safety aspects and functional features were designed directly by Johnny. It was engineered to be safe, reliable, predictable, and consistent. By minimizing pre-travel with in safe margins and reducing over travel with out compromise this trigger shoe produces an incredibly short trigger action. This maximizes the efficiency of the entire trigger system. Short story faster and more accurate means you  staying alive or staying in the winners circle. This shoe is sold with a spring kit to minimize drag and reduce break weight while maintaining 100% primer strike reliability. SPRING KIT INCLUDES4.5lb polished striker spring, reduced power safety plunger spring WC Wolff co.


STRIKER: Glock OEM factory  w/assembly refaced, de-tooled, stoned, honed, and high polished; lug face surface 10,000 grit

CONNECTORS: These are highly refined, modified, and enhanced connectors that facilitate extraordinary trigger action.

TRIGGER BAR: These trigger bars are smoothed, de-burred of any tooling at gliding edges, then multi-process high polished. Thereafter re-edged and re-radiused with a proprietary method consistent for specific application. 

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