G44 Evolution Target & Training Trigger System

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  • PRE-TRAVEL - Minimal 
  • WALL FEEL - Defined
  • BREAK FEEL - Quick & Crisp
  • BREAK WEIGHT - 3-3.5 lbs
  • OVER TRAVEL - None
  • RESET - Short, Fast, & tactile

This Glock 44 trigger system was designed for training and target shooting applications. It has all the modifications, enhancements, and refinements of the Evolution X series trigger systems. It utilizes all stock Glock Factory parts and is reliable, predictable, consistent, and 100% safe. The system is unbelievably efficient. By maximizing all aspects of the trigger function you will experience an amazing action coupled with a break weigh reduction. This minimizes potential human error thereby increasing accuracy, speed, consistency, and an overall ear to ear grin. 

This Trigger system is a drop-in full assembly pre-configured kit. It is FULLY Adjustable for pre-travel and over-travel as well as the option to create a variety of break weights and reset speeds. The standard kit comes with an OEM enhanced firing pin safety, reduced firing pin spring, and two striker springs (4.5lb & 4lb trigger pull). The standard kit can be upgraded by adding an Enhanced Striker which will improve over all action by 50% or the JG FLAT FACE METAL SHOE which creates an wide and flat textured surface for consistent purchase and press.   

LEAD TIME 2-3 business days

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