Johnny Be-yond

LEVEL III COMPETITION Design Intention –This is also a level for dedicated use Glocks. This group is a unique hybrid combining only the significant elements of levels I & II to achieve a mechanically flawless, functionally reliable, and consistently predictable trigger system indicative of competitive shooting sports. The full adjustability allows for compatibility and compliance across several divisions and Associations. Every aspect and minute detail of this system has been envisaged, contemplated, scrutinized, developed, and rigorously tested. Functioning optimally at 2.5-3.25 pull weight this system delivers unsurpassed precision performance in your Glock firearm. The geometry was developed around the OEM striker with a 4.5 lb spring. This achieves a 3 to sub 3lb pull with no need for extended or lightened strikers for consistent reliable ignition. Also this creates a favorable counter tension that retains a positive responsive trigger reset action and feel. The sear is 100% engaged which produces an extremely confidant feel for running and gunning even at the lighter weight. All in all this kit exceeds the expectations of shooters and smiths. Its architecture is in league of it’s owns as well as the competitors that operate it. Action Description-Focus is maximum responsiveness to user input. You are in total control! The assurance of the 100% engagement balances out the nonexistent pre travel. Minimal press and SNAP a precise crisp wall break feel as the sear cleanly releases the striker. You own this moment every time! As it only get better next the dead stop wall into a lightning quick rapid right back at ya assertive reset pop back to firing position. And let’s do this AGAIN uncompromising, precise, exact. This system drives you to drive yourself to that place where you and your gun become one. You’re Welcome! Physical Modifications and Enhancements- Mechanically the bar is smoothed and de burred of any tooling then edged with a proprietary method consistent to its intended use* then high polished to reduce friction at any possible contact point. Beyond level I & II several more modifications have been made on the bar to maximize the ultra smooth friction free movement of the bar over polymer and metal parts. Radial enhancements and jig aligned precise re angling at finer grits are utilized at this level.. The trigger shoe it drilled & tapped with a set screw to adjust YOUR CHOSEN pre travel position then seized with loctite 425. The housing is drilled and tapped in the rear window opening the set screw is ground and polished reducing friction and seized like above to YOUR SPECIFICATION. Also like the bar in this group the housing has several proprietary enhancements to assure the smoothest friction free action possible. Again beyond levels I&II refinements to the smallest detail are made. The 3.5 connector is reworked for inconsistencies and re edged to create desired function as well as an unique angling process that creates all the distinctive traits of this particular groups reset feel and function as well as ultra fine edge and corner work.. All these parts are created to work in concert and mated specifically to one another to create an extraordinary trigger grouping. The Safety plunger is modified and enhanced for smother lead edge motion and engagement resistance. *these are geometrical alterations that are of a trade secret nature.