Johnny be Steady

LEVEL II TARGET/RANGE Design Intention –Here we enter into a level for dedicated use Glocks. This group is incredibly responsive to user input and should not be used for defensive applications. Pre travel is reduced beyond the 1st stage thereby re locating the resting sear at the maximum cocking positioning as safely possible. Best functioning at the 2-3 lb pull weight. With accuracy in mind its ultra smooth and sleek. Minimal pressure elicits an elegant rolling break into a neutral trigger return with a mild reset click not to disrupt target focus. If you desire a graceful poetic trigger action then this group is for you. A day at the range is shear enjoyment coupled with the gratification of tight groups and the envy of your fellow marksmen!! Action Description-Focus is on minimal input. It only takes a light press to initiate the glass on marble feel as the sear effortlessly glides off the striker engagement surface with a refined rolling break feel. With usage your subtle break point becomes evident. Next there is no over travel leap with this group leading into a neutral understated reset click back to firing position. Physical Modifications and Enhancements- Mechanically the bar is smoothed and de burred of any tooling then edged with a proprietary method consistent to its intended use* then high polished to reduce friction at any possible contact point. Beyond the combat level several modifications have been made on the bar to maximize the ultra smooth friction free movement of the bar over polymer and metal parts. The trigger shoe it drilled & tapped with a set screw to adjust YOUR CHOSEN pre travel position then seized wit loctite 425. The housing is drilled and tapped in the rear window opening the set screw is ground and polished reducing friction and seized like above to YOUR SPECIFICATION. Also like the bar in this group the housing has several proprietary enhancements to assure the smoothest friction free action possible. The 3.5 connector is reworked for inconsistencies and re edged to create desired function as well as an unique angling process that creates all the distinctive traits of this particular groups reset feel and function. All these parts are created to work in concert and mated specifically to one another to create an extraordinary trigger grouping. The Safety plunger is modified and enhanced for smother lead edge motion and engagement resistance.