Johnny be Packin

LEVEL 1 COMBAT/CARRY Design Intention -designed with EDC high stress mind set where reliability and predictability takes precedence above all - it's a super smooth short travel wall break with a quick aggressive reset that functions optimally at the 3.5-4.5lb pull weight. It's designed for gun-fighting and tactical applications where some pre travel is required for prep and vital for avoiding knee jerk autonomic discharge. The reset is unavoidably present and aggressive assisting with follow up shots for under stress conditions. Believe me this kit is well refined but not enough that in a court of law it could be deemed “more deadly” as has happened. Action Description-Focus is on solid sear to striker engagement giving the shooter a confidant predictable wall to purchase- the Break Feel is an authoritative crisp wall break with no over travel- the reset is quite short with a pushy aggressive palpable pop trigger return to firing position. Physical Modifications and Enhancements- Mechanically the bar is smoothed and de burred of any tooling then edged with a proprietary method consistent to its intended use* then high polished to reduce friction at any possible contact point. The trigger shoe it drilled & tapped with a set screw to adjust YOUR CHOSEN pre travel position then seized wit loctite 425. The housing is drilled and tapped in the rear window opening the set screw is ground and polished reducing friction and seized like above to YOUR SPECIFICATION. The 3.5 connector is reworked for inconsistencies and re edged to create desired function. All these parts are created to work in concert and mated specifically to one another to create a one of a kind trigger grouping.