About Johnny

Johnny Glock

Baptized John Schmitt otherwise known as JOHNNY GLOCK  has been disassembling, enhancing, and reassembling, firearms since his childhood as a farm boy in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. He inherited his first Glock in the mid 90’s and has been hooked ever since.

After years of Glocksmithing, trigger jobs, and helping friends fine tune their defensive Glocks he decided to make a  living from his art and expertise. At first more interested in working with the defensive and tactical shooting disciplines he focused on creating consistency and predictability of the Glock trigger system.  This translated flawlessly into the sport shooting arena.  Johnny is a Glock certified advanced Armorer with over two decades of training, instruction, and hands on experience.  He is also an avid bush crafter/ survivalist, and woodshop teacher.  As he often states “it’s all a matter of feel”. Johnny has an uncompromising work ethic, believes in quality workmanship above all, and has a fervent patriotic love of country.  He lives in Sarasota Florida with his wife and their two boys and little girl.